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Second Annual All-Star Classic

The Michigan Water Polo Association's second annual All-Star Classic's venue, game times, and date have been set.

East Lansing High School has won the right to host All-Star festivities on Sunday, June 12th. The girl's All-Star game will begin at 12:00 pm with the introduction of the All-Star Teams, while the Boys Event begins at 2:00 pm ET.

The All-Star rosters are set according to the All-Region Teams. All members of the First and Second teams from each region, which will be announced this Saturday evening (May 21) receive an automatic invite to the All-Star Games.

Should members of the first and second team be unavailable, members of the honorable mention team will be invited according to which received the highest point totals in All-Region voting until the rosters are full.

The head coaches of the All-Star game are selected based on which coaches win the All-Region Coach of the Year Awards. Those awards will be announced tomorrow (Thursday) at 1 pm ET. Each Regional Coach of the Year can bring other head coaches from their reason to join as assistants for the All-Star game.

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