MWPA Bylaws 


Article 1. Title

The name of this organization shall be “The Michigan Water Polo Association” (MWPA)

Article 2. Objectives

  1. To promote competitive water polo in the State of Michigan

  1. To host high school post season tournaments

  2. To conduct high school competition according to the Michigan High School Athletic Association guidelines

  3. To recognize outstanding interscholastic/academic water polo players and coaches

  4. To disseminate information pertaining to water polo programs in the State of Michigan


  1. To promote the correct teaching and common understanding of water polo among all coaches and officials

  1. To promote USAWP Development & ODP Camps

  2. To promote water polo camps as necessary

  3. To host clinics for officials, coaches, and players so each can further their own understanding of the sport of water polo

  4. To encourage athletes to become coaches and officials within the organization



  1. To promote the growth of water polo in the State of Michigan through all age groups

  1. To disseminate information through the MWPA website

  2. To disseminate information to member and non-member institutions about the sport of water polo

  3. To  work on growth outside of the current member schools

  4. To promote water polo at all youth levels, age group, middle school, and high school

  5. To work with other organizations such as USAWP, NISCA, and MISCA to help develop the sport of water polo in the State of Michigan

Article 3. Membership

  1. Any interscholastic sponsored program (club, varsity, community education, etc…) that wishes to play middle school or high school water polo is granted automatic membership into the MWPA


  1. Any MWPA member agrees to follow all MWPA guidelines, rules, by-laws, or any board decision issued by the MWPA or its board of directors


  1. Non-Board Members will have no voting rights outside of what’s mentioned in Article 3, part E, number 3.


  1. Members will consist of – any official, coach of an interscholastic (middle school, high school, college – club or varsity), and any board member.


  1. Members will have the following rights:

  1. To be on a committee as formed by the MWPA Board

  2. To attend all public business meetings of the MWPA

  3. To vote on board members (1 vote per person)


Article 4. Board of Directors

  1. The MWPA Board of Directors will consist of 6 members, 5 of which have a vote in business matters:

    1. President  (non-voting)

    2. Vice President

    3. Secretary

    4. Treasurer

    5. Director of Officials

    6. Member at-large

  2. The MWPA Board of Directors will be required to meet at as follows:

    1. August or September (Board Only)

    2. At the MWPA Boys State Tournament (public meeting)

    3. March or April (Board Only)

    4. At the MWPA Girls State Tournament (public meeting)

    5. Any additional meetings as called by the President and Vice President of the board

  3. Board members will receive a $50 stipend for each meeting they attend plus reimbursement of any gas paid for attend such meeting (receipt must be turned in to treasurer)

  4. The purpose of the board only meetings will be to vote and adopt any proposals given to them by any respective committee. As a result, the board meetings must be done mid-season to give an opportunity for reconsideration of proposals. If additional meetings are needed, the President& Vice President shall have the power to call additional meetings with mutual consent. Proposals can be voted at any meeting. Results of the votes must be published in the meeting minutes and provided to the membership at the next public meeting.

  5. All proposals brought before the board for a vote will pass with at least 4 of 5 board members voting yes.





Article 5. Duties of Board of Directors

  1. President

    1. This is a non-voting position

    2. Organize all information for all board meetings

    3. Preside over all board meetings

    4. Distribute agenda, all proposals, and any relevant information at least 2 weeks prior to each business meeting

    5. Direct all MWPA activities & assist in growth of the sport

    6. Communicate all relevant information to all members of the MWPA

    7. Communicate all board decisions to all members of the MWPA

    8. Creation and Formation of committees  - tracking who is on what committee

  2. Vice President

  1. This is a voting position

  2. Assist President in all duties as necessary & requested by the MWPA President

  3. Preside over any meetings the President is unable to attend

  4. Promote the MWPA to all members & assist in growth of the sport.

  5. Head up a committee as assigned

  6. Attend all MWPA meetings

  1. Treasurer

  1. This is a voting position

  2. Keep current financial records of the MWPA

  3. Report on the financial status at all board meetings of the MWPA

  4. Financial statements and a budget to be provided and approved for by the MWPA Board at the last meeting in the academic calendar

  5. Attend all MWPA meetings

  1. Secretary

  1. This is a voting position

  2. Record the minutes of each business meeting

  3. Submit the minutes for approval by the board of directors

  4. Maintain the archives of the association

  5. Collecting nominations for all-state, all-region, and academic all-state awards

  6. Collecting and submitting applications for All-American awards

  7. Overseeing/Maintaining the association website (may be contracted to an outside source)

  8. Gathering & distributing the state rankings to appropriate media outlets

  9. Attend all MWPA Meetings

  1. Director of Officials

  1. This is a voting position

  2. Promoting excellence within the officiating body within the State of Michigan

  3. Organize an annual officials clinic

  4. Assign officials to all post season and regular season high school games (regional officials may be assigned to assist)

  5. Provide an avenue for coaches and experienced officials to provide feedback on all officials

  6. To assist in the growth of all officials

  7. Attend all MWPA Meetings

  1. Member at-large

  1. This is a voting position

  2. Promote water polo throughout the state of Michigan

  3. Attend all business meetings

  4. To help facilitate communication as needed

  1. Although not required, it is strongly recommended that the entire board be representative of the MWPA member base with at least 2 east regional members and 2 west regional members. The director of officials is the one position that geography will not be considered.

Article 6. Committee Members

  1. To help facilitate ideas, proposals, and communication between the Board of Directors and its members the Board of Directors will create committees that must consist of the following:

  1. The MWPA President

  2. One Other Board Member

  3. No more than 2 MWPA Members (i.e. coaches or officials)

  1. The purpose of the new committee structure is to give MWPA members an avenue to create and provide feedback on proposals. Committees must give the board of directors enough time to evaluate proposals for meetings. Committees will meet on an as needed basis.

  2. If a proposal or application is rejected by the MWPA Board, the board must send it back to committee for editing or further feedback. The committee may then adjust it or table it as needed. If rejected, the MWPA board must provide the committee with the reason(s) why.

  3. The MWPA President will assign all issues to the appropriate committee.

  4. The current committees formed by the MWPA will be:

  1. Competition & Growth Committee

    1. Post Season Site Selection

    2. Overview of post season site process (provide recommendations to host site)

    3. Co-Op Application Process

    4. Competition rules

    5. Disciplinary Recommendations

    6. Growth of the Sport of Water Polo

  2. Officials Committee

    1. Post Season Officials Selections

    2. Post Season (State) Table Worker & Goal Judge Selections

    3. Feedback of Officials

    4. Formation of Officials Organization/Liaison between organizations

    5. The director of officials will act as head of this committee

  3. Any additional committees as determined by the board of directors


Article 7.  Election of Board Members & Length of Term of Committee Members

  1. The President will be elected at the MWPA Girls State Meeting in even number years for a 2 year term.

  2. The Vice President will be elected at the MWPA Girls State meeting in odd number years for a 2 year term.

  3. The Secretary will be elected at the MWPA Girls State Meeting in even number years for a 2 year term.

  4. The Treasurer will be elected at the MWPA Girls State Meeting in even number years for a 2 year term.

  5. The Director of Officials will be elected at the MWPA Girls State Meeting in odd number years for a 2 year term.

  6. The member at-large will be elected at the MWPA Girls State Meeting in odd number years for a 2 year term.

  7. The 2 positions for members (non-board) on committees will be a 1 year position from formation of the committee. This is a volunteer & non-elected position.

  8. The MWPA President must keep information on all elections & volunteer committee positions. 

  9. If at any time a board member leaves for any reason, the MWPA membership will vote for a replacement until the above mentioned dates.

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Established August, 2020