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MWPa Week Seven Players of the Week

The Michigan Water Polo Association has named seven week players of the week, due to low volume of games in some districts, not all districts are represented.

On the girls side, Hudsonville's Aly Widner, East Kentwood's Alana Nadolski, Birmingham Seaholm's Hope Edwards, and Ann Arbor Huron's Zannah Baker were honored. For the boys, Rockford's Joe Reinsman, Birmingham Seaholm's Cam Bukowinski, and Ann Arbor Huron's Graham Baker earned the awards.


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Below is a breakdown of a week that was for each of our players of the week. This is the second to last MWPA player of the week session of the 2022 Season.

District 1, Girls | Aly Widner - #1 ranked Hudsonville Eagles

It is without doubt, if not the hardest, the second hardest position in all of sports - Whole Set. Center. Whatever you want to call it. It is only rivaled by it's wrestling partner, the center defender/whole d/two meter d (again, lots of names there). Hudsonville has had its share of extremely talented center defenders over the years, but Widner is quickly becoming a strong center for Ian Hewett's Eagles. In limited action, she drew three exclusions and scored seven times last week. More weapons for the Eagles? Yikes!

District 2, Girls | Alana Nadolski - #6 ranked East Kentwood Falcons

Nadolski helped the Falcons shoot right back up in the poll with a big win over a very strong ELODH Squad (previously #4) and put on a strong week. She's been one of EK's steadiest producers this season - last week no different. She scored 14 times, had 14 steals, four assists and drew three exclusions. She's been Jarod Lane's premier center defender. Scoring from that position is like asking a baseball catcher who takes a huge beating to hit you a bunch of home runs and bat third in the order. That ain't easy (ask the Tigers *eye roll*). Props to Alana!

District 2, Boys | Joe Reinsma - #3 ranked Rockford Rams

The Swiss Army Knife of the state, Reinsma excels basically everywhere. He scored 14 goals, notched 12 steals, 10 assists and drew four exclusions. THEN he went back to play GOALIE against #3 ranked Ann Arbor Pioneer, made 10 saves and earned a big time tie last weekend. This kid is ridiculous. Not noted on the graphic, he also had four field blocks which makes sense because well, he's a goalie playing field. Craig Peterman can deploy this chess piece all over the place for the Rams and so far, it's yielded good results.

District 3, Girls | Hope Edwards - Birmingham Seaholm Maples

Both Maple Squads SAPPED the strength of their opponents this week (HAA!!!) as Edwards helped Seaholm to a crucial victory over crosstown rival Birmingham Groves to earn an off night the first night of Districts and the Automatic Regional Qualifying bid with the second seed in District 2. Edwards had 21 steals, five drawn exclusions and four assists to go with her nine goals in a busy week for Kellie Howe's Maples who are trying to make it two trips to the State Tournament in a row.

District 3, Boys | Cam Bukowinski - #10 ranked Birmingham Seaholm Maples

The Maples are coming on strong at the right time of the season. An upset win over #3 last week, and also not factored into this graphic, a win over #6 Birmingham Groves to earn the top seed in District 3. Bukowinski has been a steady contributor for Josh Stephens' Maples as he scored 10 goals with 10 steals and notched three assists in a week of brutally tough competition. But iron sharpens iron, and the Maples (side note, Maples are, last we checked, wood and NOT iron. But let's go with the metaphor here) have tested themselves a bunch. After a slow start, they are 14-2 in their last 16. That's HOT.

District 4, Girls | Zannah Baker - #2 ranked Ann Arbor Huron River Rats

Baker has long been one of the River Rats top players - and in a short week, she produced mightily for the second ranked Rats. She scored nine times, had 14 steals, 5 assists and two drawn exclusions in just two games. Mary Chatigny's group blends offense with explosive potential with a stifling defense and good goaltending. It's a recipe that, with Baker, has been cooking up quite the team at Huron (baking puns, also fun!).

District 4, Girls | Graham Baker - #9 ranked Ann Arbor Huron River Rats

It's a good week for Baker's from Huron! Graham Baker, who has put up monstrous offensive numbers in his young career, scored 14 times with 12 steals, eight assists and four field blocks on District Seed weekend in District 4. Paul Barnett got a 10-goal game out of Baker this past weekend, who seems to have some of his biggest weeks down the stretch. He was also District Player of the Week for LAST year's week seven. Consistency is key!

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