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MWPA Releases Initial Composite Schedules

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The Michigan Water Polo Association (MWPA) has released the initial composite schedule. Below is a guide on how to interpret the coming season.

  1. In Season Tournaments: In-season tournaments will be added to the main composite schedules unlike on the former website as regular season games. These count towards a team's overall win-loss record.

  2. District Seed Games: The majority of District Seed games will be played in tournaments. The order in which the games are played and the date of each game was selected via a randomized electronic draw. The MWPA has made the video of the random draw available to all coaches. Coaches were given live access to the video as well when it was recorded.

  3. Time Slots: Time slots, listed as the start times for District Seed Tournament games, signify the order in which games will be played at that site. Time Slots will be changed to actual time-of-day times once they are made available to the MWPA.

  4. Additional Games: Games will be added to the schedule as the season progresses. Some will be re-schedules, others will be tournaments where the schedule for the in-season tournament has not yet been made available.

  5. Ranked Teams: Teams ranked will be listed on the schedule with their state top-ten ranking of the week they played the game. In turn, this allows for the compilation in standings of a vs. top-ten section, to show a team's record in games they played against ranked opponents.

  6. Postseason: The postseason format will be available at a later date.

  7. Exhibition Games: Any games played after a team's elimination from the MWPA postseason are Exhibition games, and will not count towards a team's overall record.

The Boys Schedule can be found HERE .

The Girls Schedule can be found HERE .

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