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MWPA Board Update Jan. 7

Updated: Jan 11, 2021


(UPDATED, JAN. 11) The board met last night and, given feedback from many coaches, we have decided that our start date for the season will be in line with the MHSAA start date. So far, this is still set for 3/15.


As stated in the last update, district seeding games will take place over two weekends (girls weekends 4/17 and 5/1, boys weekends of 4/24 and 5/8) and we are looking for teams to host these.

Coaches: a google form has been emailed to you to fill out. Please complete it by Monday Jan. 18 so we can begin scheduling these tournaments.

We are planning to have the schedule the week of Jan. 18.


Please email the board for information regarding the co-op process.


We are planning for all tournaments to still be limited to 4 schools/teams on site for the season. All scheduled tournaments (whether scheduled by MWPA or not) must follow this rule unless it is withdrawn. To clarify: a "team" is any JV OR Varsity team.

For example, if Skyline and Pioneer play a dual game with both JV and V teams. That is 4 teams on site.


We have reached out to all teams who said they would be hosting postseason tournaments to see if they can still host. Once we know which holes need to be filled, we will be opening hosting opportunities to all teams. If you think you may be interested in hosting, talk to your ADs to see if it would be a possibility so when that form comes out (likely after our next meeting on Jan. 18) you can respond ASAP. A reminder of post season dates if you would like to inquire with your AD's

Boys Districts: May 12 & 14

Girls Districts: May 13 & 15

Boys Regionals: May 19 & 21

Girls Regionals: May 20 & 22

Girls State: June 4 & 5

Boys State: June 11 & 12

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding and feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.

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