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What is the PRI?

(Note: PRI is relevant to nothing within the MWPA - it is simply a new feature of our site for people who enjoy math in their sports).

PRI (Polo Rating Index) is an equation that takes into account a team's winning percentage (66%) with their strength of schedule (34%) to track their progress throughout the season - a more mathematical ranking. PRI is calculated once a minimum 5 games played is reached, and this page is updated weekly.


Each individual result counts towards a team's PRI, which means the more good team's you play, the higher influence your strength of schedule metric has on your overall PRI. At the core of it, winning is most important way to boost your PRI.

Listed within the table to the left in the furthest right column is Strength of Schedule (SOS). It is the winning percentages of each team's opponents. Bear in mind, if you play a teams that are 8-1 two times in a row, it counts as 16-2 within your strength of schedule calculator.

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