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MWPA Names Six District Players of the Week for Week 3

The Michigan Water Polo Association (MWPA) has named eight District players of the week for week two

ELODH's Erin Ruster, Birmingham Seaholm's Penny Lange, and Ann Arbor Huron's Alli Suttons were named girls players of the week, while ELHL's Maksen Mecher, Birmingham Groves Jack Knoper, and Ann Arbor Skyline's Jack Staunton were all named boys players of the week.

District 2, Girls | Erin Ruster - #7 Ranked ELODH Co-Op

High-efficiency is a theme in these player of the weeks - how about shooting it 88 percent and scoring eight times in two games? Erin Ruster did both of those things for Madi Zink's ELODH crew on their return from break as the Co-Op won a pair of double-digit games and allowed just a single goal in each.

District 2, Boys | Maksen Mecher - #10 Ranked ELHL Co-Op

The acronyms are different, but one thing is for sure, they're "Livin' it up at the Hotel Water Polo!" (SORRY, had to). Other tidbit, the name "Maksen" is actually sweet. Lots of All-Name-Teamers in the first few weeks of the players of the week. He also was pretty sweet for Madi Zink's squad this week - he put up nine goals, six steals and two helpers in two games - one, a narrow loss to now #5 Birmingham Groves. Not bad Maksen. Not bad.

District 3, Girls | Penny Lange - (RV) Birmingham Seaholm Maples

Penny Lange did what Detroit Tiger pitcher Alex Lange (Coincidence? Probably) did this past week - throw a ball with wonderful efficiency. She scored on every shot she took, had five assists and two steals in a win for the Maples last week. Lange is part of a large returning group from Seaholm's first ever trip to MWPA states last spring, and for Kellie Howe's squad, Lange will be a key factor in leading them back. Other side note - the candy cane stripe on the brim of the cap is an absolute fire design. Big fan.

District 3, Boys | Jack Knoper - #5 Ranked Birmingham Groves Gators

Can you stop him? KNOPE. At least not last week. Jack Knoper had an even stat sheet with eight goals, SIX field blocks, five steals and assists each, while drawing three exclusions for Steve Curry and Bob Sala's Gators. Knoper is quickly helping the Gators dispel the notion that all of the losses to graduation last Spring have them any worse for wear this time around.

District 4, Girls | Alli Sutton - #2 Ann Arbor Huron River Rats

The Rat Attack has been pretty balanced. But when you see TWENTY THREE goals in a week, it'll turn your head. In five games, Alli Sutton was dynamite for the River Rats. She also dished out seven assists as Mary Chatigny's Rat Pack continues to show they are a certified PROBLEM to defend and attack right now. Take away one rat, and another four or five get loose. That's a nightmare.

District 4, Boys | Jack Staunton - #2 Ann Arbor Skyline Eagles

......I'm sorry what? What is that stat-line? Is that a joke? Gotta be. No way. Does he have a big red S tattooed on his chest? Clearly, Ashley Hower has been recruiting on the Planet Krypton because SUPER STAUNT (nickname pending) was a monster this weekend. Even if he had scored zero goals (he didn't, he scored TWENTY SIX), the 22 drawn exclusions are straight up RUDE. He also plays defense where he had 19 steals. Which is also rude. Also his goals came against the following: #2 Ann Arbor Pioneer, #4 Grand Haven, #10 Okemos, Ann Arbor Huron (twice) Grand Blanc. Not exactly a cake-walk buddy.

About District Players of the Week: District Players of the Week are nominated by head coaches weekly through a form including statistical and circumstantial information. The District Players of the Week are chosen by an impartial group if there are multiple entrants within each District.

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